Biden Claims The Constitution Is Always Supposed To Change

( On Tuesday, President Biden and Vice President Harris met with Judiciary Committee chair Senator Dick Durbin and ranking Judiciary Republican Chuck Grassley to discuss the upcoming Supreme Court vacancy. And during the public portion of the meeting, Biden inexplicably claimed the US Constitution is “always evolving.”

The president said he wanted to pick a nominee who believes that are “unenumerated rights” in the Constitution, adding that he believes the US Constitution “is always evolving slightly in terms of additional rights or curtailing rights.”

What now?

The President of the United States believes one of the ways the Constitution “evolves” is unalienable rights can be curtailed?

What part of “unalienable” does Joe Biden not understand?

Unalienable means “not to be separated, given away, or taken away.”

The only way the Constitution is supposed to change is through the Article V Amendment process, not through the Supreme Court.

And it is absolutely false that anyone, including the Court, can “curtail” unalienable rights.

It’s lunacy that the sitting President of the United States doesn’t understand that.

At the same time, this is Joe Biden. There’s a lot about our system of government that man doesn’t understand.

In one segment of the 2020 documentary “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words,” Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas recounted his contentious confirmation hearing. And of the senators on the Judiciary Committee, including the chairman Joe Biden, Justice Thomas said he had to sit there and listen to people who “have no idea with they are talking about.”

Well, Joe Biden hasn’t changed one bit in the last 45 years. He still doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

The reality is, Joe Biden isn’t going to be the one picking his Supreme Court nominee. The array of far-left crazies that inhabit this administration will do the picking for him. Sure, they might let him offer his ideas. But then they’ll pick the black woman they want and old Joe will just go along with it.

But the fact that the so-called “moderate” President views our unalienable rights with such derision should still be a big, red flag.