Biden Claims Spy Ballon Was Not A Breach Of Security

( According to President Joe Biden, since he listened to the intelligence and defense communities and took their advice, he did not regret ordering the balloon to be shot down earlier.

“This goes against international law. Since it is in our airspace, we are free to handle it however we like,” Biden assured.

He said the quantity of intelligence collection being conducted by all nations worldwide is enormous,” he said.

An FBI official told reporters it was still too early to determine the device’s functionality and purpose. The payload has not been seen where we would anticipate seeing most of the electronics. Yet, Biden is confident that this was not anything of concern.

He said the Chinese spy balloon flight over US airspace wasn’t a serious breach of national security. He also refuted the claim that the balloon’s prolonged entry into US airspace constituted a serious security lapse.

Biden said when he requested the balloon to be destroyed as quickly as possible; they expressed concern about the harm it would do, especially in a large state like Montana.

According to a US source quoted by Fox News on Friday, the cargo of the balloon has been retrieved and is mostly undamaged.

After the balloon was discovered on Wednesday for the first time, Mr. Biden commented last weekend. In reaction to the event, Secretary of State Antony Blinken also postponed his travel to China.

The FBI is also examining the balloon’s remnants, according to CNBC. Some of the debris has been transported to the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia,

According to CNBC, the official said, “it’s early for us in this process, and the material that has been gathered and submitted to the FBI is quite restricted. This is evidence that was just present on the surface.”

“There are, therefore, extremely few objects. The three main categories that we can probably use to categorize are the balloon or canopy itself, some wire, and then a very minor quantity of electronics.”

But nothing to worry about!

Why examine it if you already determined it was nothing?