Biden Caught On “Hot Mic” Complaining About Questions

( Last Friday, Politico ran a puff piece on what it’s like to be a White House reporter in the Biden years.

It’s boring, don’t you know.

Gone are the days of the daily fomented scandals of the Trump years. Now, with Biden in the White House, the career of a White House reporter is dull, dull, dull.

The article is laughably absurd, and in the words of conservative columnist Becket Adams, “unintentionally damning.”

It isn’t that Biden has made reporting on the White House boring; it’s that reporters are unwilling to doggedly pursue Biden scandals the way they did Trump.

And there are scandals.

The unprecedented crisis at the southern border, the late-night flights of illegals into the country’s interior, Joe’s cognitive decline, Joe’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s dirty deals, the establishment of the Homeland Security Ministry of Truth – the list is endless.

But because these reporters support Biden, they choose to ignore every single one, claiming instead that reporting on Biden is so booooooring.


And at the same time these reporters are claiming that Joe Biden is far more respectful of the press than Trump was, Joe Biden and his staffers treat reporters like garbage.

Case in point, last week after one of old Joe’s events on his phony stage set, reporters once again fruitlessly shouted questions at the president while staffers herded them out of the room like recalcitrant children. And all the while, Joe is smirking and making jokes about the reporters he claims to respect.