Biden Blasted For ‘No Comment’ On Maui Death Toll

Reports show President Biden drew harsh criticism after telling reporters on vacation on a Delaware beach he had “no comment” regarding the mounting death toll in Hawaii due to devastating wildfires.

Bloomberg’s Justin Sink said on X that after spending time on Rehoboth Beach, Biden was questioned about the mounting number of dead in Hawaii. There was no comment from the president, and then he left for the day.

His story was corroborated by a video that showed Biden pausing for a second before answering and entering his car.

X users commented on Sink’s post, calling the president’s answer “embarrassing.”

CNN political pundit Scott Jennings remarked; The famed “Biden empathy” in response to Sink’s statement.

Mehdi Hasan, a regular White House defender on MSNBC, argued that Biden’s reported answer damaged him and amounted to an unforced error.

The White House responded to a demand for comment by citing praise from Hawaii’s governor, Josh Green, who said on Sunday that he was proud to have the President react swiftly.

But Cole Millington, a local of Maui, has complained that the government isn’t providing him with the resources he needs.

Millington said they needed help from the federal government. The Navy needs to be here. The Coast Guard ought to be here. Helicopters need to be present
to deliver supplies through a burning town. It shouldn’t be he and his friends in their decades-old trucks.

According to Maui Police Chief John Pelletier, as of Saturday, cadaver dog teams had only searched 3% of the region owing to the scorched and rough terrain.

According to a Sunday report, the number of confirmed deaths rose to 93, and over 1,000 people are still missing. According to Pelletier, the death toll is certain to rise.

Maui water authorities reportedly advised residents of Lahaina and Kula not to drink the tap water and to limit their shower time to two minutes of lukewarm water in a well-ventilated room to reduce their risk of chemical vapor exposure.