Biden Attacks Latinos In Sick Attack

( President Joe Biden is known for his gaffes, but sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it’s a gaffe or whether it’s a case of the president accidentally admitting what he really believes.

On Thursday, the president appeared to suggest that all Americans who have Latino ancestors are illegal immigrants, and could therefore be deportable.

Oh, and he also called Hispanic people “LatinX” – a hugely unpopular term among Hispanic people that was dreamed up by social justice warriors who seem to think that “Latino” is problematic.

No, we don’t understand it either.

Biden said that it’s difficult for “LatinX” people to get vaccinated because they are worried that they may be vaccinated and then deported.


He made the bizarre and racist claim during a June 24 event in North Carolina promoting the use of the vaccine, as the Biden administration struggles to make progress on vaccinating 70% of the American public by July 4.

People quickly picked up on the shocking claim, which seemed to suggest that all “LatinX” people are fearful that they may be deported if they turn up to a clinic or a vaccination center to receive the shot.

Matthew Kolken, an immigration lawyer who helps people legally enter the United States, said that Biden’s comments were “racist as f*ck.”

In what universe is it right for the president to make a claim like this? Does he really think this, or did he get confused by the weird politically correct terms thrown at him by his far-left colleagues?

It reminds us of the time that the president said that “poor kids are just as smart as white kids.”

Remember that?

It’s ironic that President Joe Biden once called President Donald Trump the most racist American president. It wasn’t true then, and it’s even less true now that Biden’s in the White House.