Biden Asked To Extend Student Loan Repayment Pause

( The latest extension of the pandemic-era pause on student loan payments is set to expire on May 1 and several progressive Democrat lawmakers, whose end goal is the cancelation of student debt, are demanding President Biden extend the pause at least until the end of the year.

In a letter sent to the president last Thursday, the eight Democrats weren’t coy about their purpose, telling the president to extend the pause and use that time to “provide meaningful student debt cancellation.”

It may have started as a way to alleviate the pressure during the economic collapse caused by the US COVID response. But that’s not what it’s about anymore.

The Democrats claim that the pause enabled those with student loan debt to pay down their other debts and “relieve financial pressures from lost jobs or decreased earnings” while allowing them to “support their families’ needs.” They warn that allowing the pause to end would “cause hardship” for the borrowers who can’t afford to pay their student loans.

On the one hand, the Democrats crow about how Joe Biden “rescued” the economy and ushered in the greatest economic growth in modern history. On the other hand, the Democrats are begging Biden to extend the student loan payment pause claiming having to pay back student loans is an economic hardship at a time when the economy is so bad.

In their letter, they whine to the president that those with student loan debt are being forced to choose between making their loan payments and “paying for basic needs.”

Well, not for the last two years.

Not afraid of hyperbole, the Democrats say in their letter that student loan debt is “a life sentence that will hamper their futures for decades.”

These Democrats act as if someone put a gun to these people’s heads and forced them to take out a student loan they had no hope of ever paying back.

But extending the pause is a means to an end.

For years, progressive Democrats have been wanting to stick American taxpayers with the bill for student loan debt – a move that would largely benefit their affluent voting base. This is the way they’re hoping to accomplish it.