Biden Approval Rating Collapses In Iowa

( No matter how many times the Democrats claim that Joe Biden was the most popular presidential candidate in history, it will never be believable. Just look at the polls.

According to a new survey from Mediacom and the Des Moines Register, voters in Iowa really don’t have a good opinion of the new president and the job that he’s doing. In fact, most Iowa residents think that Biden is doing a bad job.

Hardly surprising, is it?

Just 43% of people in Iowa think that President Joe Biden is doing a good job, amid worsening scandals over the economy, the border crisis, and Biden and the Democrats’ plan to introduce an extremist “voting rights” bill that would make it easier for illegal aliens to cast votes in presidential elections.

The poll found that five percent of people weren’t sure whether they approve of his work or not, suggesting that even a substantial number of people just don’t care enough about the president to make a judgment on his work.

Not exactly a vote of confidence…

Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t faring any better, either. Around 50% of respondents said that they disapprove of the job Kamala Harris is doing, which is funny because nobody seems to know what her job actually is.

Only 42% of Iowa residents said that they support the job she is doing.

Other than standing around while President Joe Biden makes confusing and rambling speeches, the vice president has been tasked with overseeing the border crisis. In March, following a massive increase in illegal aliens crossing the border, President Joe Biden asked the new vice president to oversee a task force to take on the causes of illegal immigration on the border. More than three months later, Harris has only just committed to visiting the border…and she’s going to El Paso.

Not to Texas, and not to Arizona, where the crisis is at its worst…

The numbers for Biden and Harris just keep getting worse as they keep doing a worse job. In March, Biden had an approval rating of 47% and Harris an approval rating of 44%.

How did these people get elected, again?