Biden Admits His Arrest Story Is Fake

( Senator Bernie Sanders is regarded as the torch bearer for being arrested due to his civil rights protests. There are pictures.

Joe Biden, however, tried to steal “agitator” valor.

He’s frequently highlighted his experience with civil disobedience throughout his presidential campaign. In the past, Biden has maintained that he was detained when visiting Nelson Mandela in apartheid-era South Africa with members of the Congressional Black Caucus and other US government representatives.

He finally acknowledged that the South African story was a lie. Biden, the serial liar, has in the past inflated claims about his participation in the Civil Rights movement. He’s embellished claims about most everything.

President Biden said, “I wasn’t jailed,” trying to meet Nelson Mandela on Friday during a visit to the White House by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, despite having said as much at least three times in 2020.

However, Biden continued to tell Ramaphosa that attempts to see Mandela had been “stopped” – a claim that has also come under scathing fact-checking and disagreement from Biden backers.

While welcome Ramaphosa to the Oval Office, Biden acknowledged that some of his earlier statements were untrue.

“The first time Nelson Mandela visited the United States [in 1990] was one of the finest events of my career. We met in the Senate Foreign Relations executive committee chamber at the time, and I was a senator at the time, Biden said to Ramaphosa.

We all greeted him while standing there, and he later asked if he may stop by my office. He dropped by to express his gratitude after learning that I had been unsuccessful in obtaining permission to visit him in prison.

After admitting his guilt, Biden remarked, “And I said once—I said I got detained. I was stopped and prevented from moving, not arrested.”

On at least three occasions, Biden said he was detained while attempting to visit Mandela on his prison island outside Cape Town. The narrative drew attention due to blatant geographic inaccuracies, such as the fact that he claimed to have been detained in Johannesburg, which is more than 760 miles away from Robben Island.

Later, Biden’s team acknowledged it was inaccurate and that, during a 1976 trip to Lesotho, a country bordering South Africa, he was just “separated” from other congressmen at an airport. However, another congressman traveling with them refuted even that adjustment.

Biden’s assertion that he was detained in South Africa was deemed “ridiculous” by the Washington Post’s fact-checking column.