Biden Admin’s New Border Action Push: Sincere or Tokenism?

Leaks to several media sites reveal that deputies of President Joe Biden want to continue admitting thousands of illegal aliens daily at the border while simultaneously making a strong campaign statement about not letting more than four thousand illegal migrants per day.

A source close to President Biden’s administration has revealed that he is plotting to seal the border between the United States and Mexico once the daily illegal migrant crossings exceed four thousand.

Rumors have the GOP in disbelief. According to Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), Biden is allegedly planning an executive order to stem the steep decline in his poll ratings. However, she believes that Biden’s purported executive move is only an act of political theater.

The White House may have already struck a political deal with the Mexican government that prevents over 4,000 migrants from reaching the American border, rendering the promised restriction useless. Officials in the Biden administration were preparing to release a new regulation that would allow for the faster rejection of asylum claims shortly after an illegal migrant crosses the border.

Biden’s support is dwindling as the U.S. economy falters, and at least ten million people, including illegal and quasi-legal migrants, have been lured here.

Rising food and housing costs, together with a higher proportion of graduates carrying student loan debt, are the primary causes of this generation’s increasing debt burden.

According to credit-reporting agencies, the average credit card debt for those in their early 20s was around $2,800 in the last quarter of 2023, compared to an inflation-adjusted average account balance of $2,200 in the same time in 2013.  This generation is experiencing more severe financial hardship than students a decade ago.

However, many Democrats, along with their corporate and advocacy groups, are against any restrictive immigration policies and human trafficking, calling them a betrayal to immigrants.

Americans see that most Democrats are against border security measures.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R- NY) said that Biden and his administration have been relentless in enforcing the open border policies of the far-left Democrats from the beginning, despite the fact that these policies have failed miserably and transformed every town into a border town, destroying innumerable American families.  The annual total cost per taxpayer in the United States is $1,156, and the weight of illegal immigration is both enormous and devastating.