Biden Administration Preparing Airstrike Order

( President Donald Trump recently appeared with Sean Hannity on Fox News to describe how he would have orchestrated the Afghanistan withdrawal recently, slamming President Joe Biden for failing to remove U.S. citizens before the military, and for not bombing the forts made by the U.S. military so that the Taliban couldn’t use them.

And it seems like Biden was listening to the interview.

Last week, it was revealed that President Joe Biden is now finally considering launching airstrikes on the billions of dollars of American military equipment left behind in Afghanistan and effectively gifted to the Taliban.

Axios revealed how American-made helicopters, night-vision goggles, drones, planes, and Humvees have all been left behind in Afghanistan, for some inexplicable reason. A further 2,000 armored vehicles and almost 40 aircraft were left behind, giving the Taliban more military resources and a greater capability than ever before.

One U.S. government official told Reuters that everything that wasn’t destroyed is now in the hands of the Taliban.

The move comes after reports suggested that the Pentagon wouldn’t even confirm whether the U.S. military was ordered to even try to destroy the abandoned military equipment before leaving.

Democrats surely can’t claim that this is Trump’s withdrawal plan in action. Do they think the biggest “egotist” whoever occupied the White House would mess things up this badly?


According to Axios, Biden is considering launching airstrikes specifically focused on the “larger equipment.” It comes as the United States scrambles to assist U.S. citizens stuck in Afghanistan with leaving the country – a task that is growing increasingly difficult as the Taliban demands ID from all Americans entering the airport and is reportedly even denying access to people at random.

Former President Donald Trump warned this would happen, and even said back on August 19 that the first thing to do is “bomb the bases into smithereens” and then withdraw the military.

If Biden listened to Trump more often we wouldn’t be jumping from crisis to crisis.