Biden Administration Lets Congressmen Get Out Of Getting Vaccinated

( After controversial President Joe Biden announced a sweeping new authoritarian rule that requires American businesses with more than 100 employees to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations, it was revealed that the Biden administration won’t be extending that same mandate to members of Congress and their staff.

Once again, politicians put themselves before the American public.

The sweeping new rule, which many argue is unconstitutional and illegal, affects more than 80 million working Americans and could potentially force huge numbers out of work entirely.

Following the announcement, the National File revealed how the executive and legislative branches of government will not be affected by the mandate. This, despite the fact that President Joe Biden and the Democrats continue to smear Americans with legitimate concerns about the virus as irresponsible and dangerous.

What excuse do they have for exempting government workers when the rest of the country is being dictated to?

There is, at least, a provision in the new rule that allows people to test for COVID-19 twice per week to avoid being fired – although, even then, it’s not certain how receptive companies will be to facilitating twice-weekly tests for large numbers of employees. It’s clearly a measure designed to “encourage” people to just finally give in and take the vaccine even though they have concerns about it.

Biden’s vaccine mandate is not popular.

This week, an immunologist who voted for Joe Biden in the last election told Fox News that he regretted voting for Biden now that has implemented the “draconian” mandate.

Army Lt. Col. Paul Douglas Hague also tweeted a resignation letter, describing how the COVID mandate for all members of the military was part of a “Marxist takeover of the military.”

Is Joe Biden the most authoritarian president in recent history?