Biden Admin Orders Delay In Trial Of Iranian Spy

( Well, this is curious. The Biden administration has delayed the trial of an alleged Iranian spy for the third time – and it looks as though the federal government may be using the case as a bargaining chip as the United States flounders in ongoing negotiations with Tehran.

On Tuesday the Department of Justice confirmed that Kaveh Lotfallah Afrasiabi’s trial would be delayed once more after being charged last year with acting as an unregistered foreign agent for Iran. The trial was scheduled to go ahead in January of this year, and was delayed twice last year at Afrasiabi’s request. Now, Republicans are arguing that Biden’s administration may be allowing these constant delays to appease Iran as the government continues its futile efforts to bring the country into compliance with the failed Obama-era Iran Nuclear Deal.

A spokesperson from the Department of Justice told the Washington Free Beacon that Afrasiabi has complained of medical problems that make it hard for him to prepare for the case.

“He has asked for more time and we have not objected,” the spokesperson admitted.

That seems very…accommodating.

The motion was filed by his standby counsel, and a new date for the trial has yet to be confirmed. His attorney has requested that the case be rescheduled for April 20.

The Afrasiabi case has been referenced repeatedly by Republicans in Congress who believe that it is being used by the Biden administration to keep Iran happy. Negotiations are ongoing, with Britain, Germany, and Russia acting as intermediates in the discussions, but Tehran has not yet backed down on its demands that the United States drop all economic sanctions as a condition of coming back into compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action.