Biden Admin Caused Crisis for Charter Flights, Reports Show

( In the midst of the hurried and slip-shod scrambling to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies after the fall of Kabul, a number of private companies decided to set up their own evacuation operations. But doing so wasn’t easy.

Washington DC fixer Robert Stryk spoke with the New York Post last week and said that obtaining landing permits for the airport was difficult, if not impossible. Stryk, with the help of former Navy SEAL Congressman Scott Taylor (R-VA), was chartering private planes out of Kabul during the evacuations.

According to Stryk, in the absence of US military, their operation was forced to rely on intel from US allies – mostly from Britain’s MI6 – to help facilitate people through and to locate evacuees.

Calling the system broken, Stryk said “Disneyland and Mickey Mouse are better at queueing and getting people on rides than the US government.” He said that unless the paperwork was absolutely perfect, evacuees couldn’t get through. Meanwhile, the only military venturing outside of the Kabul airport have been South African, British, French special forces and the Qataris all of whom Stryk said had been “super helpful to us.”

These privately-funded evacuation flights ended last week as the US spent the weekend focused on evacuating the remaining Americans as well as beginning the final evacuation of US troops from Kabul.

On Sunday, national security advisor Jake Sullivan said that only 300 US citizens who “want to leave” were left to evacuate. However, there are still reports that thousands of Americans remain throughout Afghanistan.

Stryk and Congressman Taylor had partnered with Regulus Global, a Virginia-based logistics company specializing in humanitarian and national security missions in hotspots throughout the world. Taylor noted that over the week they conducted their operation, they were fielding thousands of requests for evacuation every day.

Despite this, most of the charter flights taking off from Kabul were basically empty — in large part because the Taliban turned away dual nationals in an effort to keep as many Afghans in the country as possible.

Congressman Taylor warned that for those left behind when the US finalizes its withdrawal on August 31 would become “the biggest American hostage situation in history,” adding “When the troops are gone, all hell is breaking loose.