Biden Added A Fake Detail To His Speech 

( Joe Biden was a civil rights activist way back in the day, according to… Joe Biden. (But he also claims that he was never an activist. Keeping up with Joe is like herding deranged cats.) 

On the 58th anniversary of the “Bloody Sunday” march, a significant occasion in the civil rights struggle, President Joe Biden traveled to Selma, Alabama. 

According to 19FortyFive, while there, Biden said that when he was a student in the north, he felt terrible because he wasn’t there, and it’s something he will never forget. He wondered why he was in the north while the blacks were going through what they were going through. 

Fox News says that “there is no historical evidence to corroborate Biden’s allegation.” 

Biden has previously said he participated in the civil rights struggle. 

In 1983, during an interview, Biden claimed he participated in sit-in demonstrations demanding the desegregation of restaurants and cinemas. 

He said this happened when he was 17 years old.  

Biden said hearing Faubus’s and Wallace’s voices made his stomach churn. Bull Connor and his dogs set his soul on fire. 

There is zero evidence any of this took place. Fox News is almost certain Biden is fibbing. Fox said they could not find evidence that Biden had ever taken part in a sit-in.  

When it comes to Biden, it is a sure bet that he is lying. He’s been caught in so many. Biden dropped out of a presidential race because he plagiarized and lied, stealing a British politician’s speech and story and claiming it as his own. 

President Joe Biden repeatedly said he was “not an activist” during the civil rights struggle. The most notable of them was in a speech he gave in 1987.  

He said, “to be honest, the civil rights movement of the 1960s” worried him a great deal.  

“To be clear, I was never an activist,” Biden said. 

Of course, Biden might have participated in a sit-in without being an activist. That happens all the ti… never. 

Biden said he used to work in a black-only pool in Wilmington, Delaware’s east end. This is where the fabled story of “CornPop” took place. CornPop is the gang member who waited for Biden in a parking lot with a razor blade. Biden went out and confronted him with a 6ft chain.  

Walter Mitty, eat your heart out.