Beto O’Rourke Releases Strange Jogging Video In A Dress Shirt

( Beto “Bobby” O’Rourke is currently trying to acquire votes by releasing videos of himself exercising in the morning while perspiring heavily and wearing a blue dress shirt.

Beto recently tweeted-

Corpus Christi! Join me for a morning run along the water at 7:30. We’re meeting at the Selena Statue. Hope to see you there.

The message is accompanied by a video (disturbingly too close to his horse teeth) of Beto trying to look relevant and full of vitality- like a Kennedy, but without the trust fund money.

Beto is seen out for his morning jog in his Oxford shirt with a starched collar. He looks more like an escapee from a Harvard hazing than he does a fitness freak.

The jogging “outfit” seems so authentic. It’s as authentic as his fake Spanish name, “Beto.”

An outfit has never been so out-of-touch since Peter Jennings wore a mock turtle neck under a plaid shirt when doing a gritty story about street toughs. The remark at the time was that he looked like a lumberjack at a wine tasting.

Beto is so weird one wonders if his campaign is being run by undercover MAGA agents who infiltrated his public relations office.

We will need joggers to weigh in and give O’Rourke a critique of his technique, much like skateboarders did when Beto tried to cash in on the skater culture (which, culturally, connotes a slacker image. Only Beto would go after the “people who don’t vote” vote.)

Jon Millstein, a writer and a comedian (and skater), created an ad that said-

“There’s a lot of things you can call Beto O’Rourke. Congressman, Texan, charismatic political sensation. But there’s one thing that we shouldn’t be calling him… Beto O’Rourke is not a good skateboarder. Not even close.”

In the political spoof ad, many disgruntled skaters criticize O’Rourke’s skating and his alleged skills on the “stuntwood.” The advertisement compiles the numerous embarrassing videos of the Texas congressman wobbling around on an unstable board, demonstrating at the very least that O’Rourke is unquestionably a “fakie” when it comes to shredding.

Ringling Brothers should do a review of Beto’s “clown chops.” It would probably be glowing, considering he’s a fool.