Bernie Sanders Gets Hardball Questions On National TV

( On Sunday’s episode of “Face The Nation,” CBS News anchor Margaret Brennan questioned socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on how he could profit from capitalism by selling pricey tickets to his book tour via Ticketmaster.

Reports show Sanders will have a book promotion event in March at Anthem in Washington, DC., to discuss his latest work, “It’s Alright to be Furious about Capitalism.”

At $95, Ticketmaster is offering front-row tickets to his show.

Brennan questioned the Democrat-Socialist on how he felt about profiting off capitalist ticket sales.

She told Sanders that according to reports, Ticketmaster, selling tickets to your tour for $95 per piece, is engaging in anti-competitive pricing practices. He stands to gain from the same system he’s working to destroy.

Sanders said the publisher and the bookstore had the final say over such matters. But there is one situation in DC where a bookstore asks $40 or $50 for a ticket to an event and includes a book as part of the deal.

Brennan asked why Sanders was OK with doing business with Ticketmaster.

Sanders said he wasn’t, really, and then claimed he had nothing to do with the planning. The senator speculated that the process of writing a book would be similar.

To write and sell a book for a large publisher, he said he’s compelled to function within the system.

Reports show Republicans criticized Sanders for allowing tickets to be sold on Ticketmaster and for their high price. Many called it ironic that a socialist would agree to sell anything at such a high price.

Sanders expressed his displeasure with the market saturation of antiperspirants and shoes in an interview with business writer John Harwood in 2015. He said that when children in this nation are hungry, it’s not like you need a selection of 23 deodorant sprays for your underarms or 18 different pairs of shoes. Sanders claimed that the media underestimated the pressures under which average Americans toil.