Benjamin Netanyahu Blows Whistle On Joe Biden

( A former prominent Middle East politician is sounding the alarm on President Joe Biden and the dangers he could pose to their country.

On Monday, Benjamin Netanyahu, the former prime minister of Israel, slammed the current government of Israel for reportedly agreeing to a “no surprises” policy. This alleged policy would see Israel keeping the Biden administration up to date on any actions Israel decides to take against Iran.

After being ousted as prime minister, Netanyahu now serves as the opposition leader in Israel’s version of Congress, which is called the Knesset. While the legislative body was in session recently, Netanyahu said:

“The information that is sent to America could be leaked to major media outlets, and in this way, our operations will be thwarted. That is why for the last decade, I have refused the requests of American presidents to always inform them of our actions.”

The prime minister’s remarks were first reported by Barak Ravid, a contributor to Axios who is based in Tel-Aviv, as well as the local media outlet The Times of Israel.

All media in that country is regulated by the Israeli Military Censor, which is a division of the Israeli Defense Forces Directorate of Military Intelligence. That agency controls all information related to the military that is published in the country.

The agency also ensures that all sensitive information regarding security interests in Israel isn’t leaked from a media outlet in the country.

In America, there is no such censoring agency. Israeli officials say this makes information that Israel shares with the government in America to be susceptible to leakers, who share sensitive information with U.S. media outlets.

According to The Times of Israel, Netanyahu said the “no surprises” policy “is an existential issue for Israel, in which there may be surprises and sometimes surprises are needed.”

In response, Ravid tweeted an interesting take on the matter:

“Israeli official tells me Netanyahu is trying to sabotage Israel-U.S. relations for his political interests.”

This wouldn’t be all that surprising, considering Netanyahu had a great relationship with former President Donald Trump. The relationship between the U.S. and Israel wasn’t as strong when Biden took over the White House.

Then, only months after Biden’s inauguration, Netanyahu was ousted as prime minister of Israel. He seems to be angling to try to regain power in the country.

In 2014, Ravid reported that an anonymous Israeli official told him the U.S. and Israel first instituted the “no surprises” policy as the original Iran nuclear deal was under negotiations.

According to that report, the policy was put in place so the United States was always in the know about the plans Israel had for dealing with Iran’s threat of using nuclear weapons. In return, Washington kept Israel in the know about how it was communicating with Iran.

The Times of Israel suggested that as of this year, the policy was still in place. That’s what’s drawn the ire of Netanyahu.