Barbara Boxer Forgets Name Of Guest While Discussing Leaders Being Too Old

( During a discussion about whether Democrats in the office are too elderly, former senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) appeared to forget the name of an MSNBC guest.

While chatting with MSNBC’s Joy Reid and fellow guest Cristina Ramirez, the head of NextGen America, Boxer, 81, who was 76 when she retired in 2017, appeared to make a case for younger Democrats.

To start the discussion, Reid presented the findings of a New York Times survey showing that young Democrats want someone other than President Joe Biden to run for office in 2024.

The host claimed on two occasions that the Democratic Party has turned into a “gerontocracy,” out of touch with the issues that matter to young people.

Boxer said you could be dangerous at 80 and difficult at 40, agreeing that fresh voices are needed but disagreeing that the party is too old. She said the point is to believe this survey raises a significant issue, that the Democratic coalition is fairly diversified. It is genuinely diverse everywhere you turn. It is accurate to say that they are becoming older regarding leadership.

She said it’s simple to change it, in her opinion. Younger individuals should make the presentations while standing behind the leaders at the podium.

Boxer said that the composition of the House select committee looking into the Capitol disturbance on January 6 is “amazing” and includes members from four different decades.

Reid requested a reply from Ramirez, whose youth voting group is the biggest in the nation.

Regarding the survey, she remarked that it was hardly a news flash. Democrats would be encouraged not to “underestimate the strength of a pissed-off generation,” she continued, noting that young Democrats are “just starting to flex their influence.”

Boxer concurred with Reid’s observation that the Senate struggles to enact measures that appeal to younger people.

Boxer said that a supermajority is required to pass legislation in the Senate. Age is irrelevant; they may all be in their 30s or 40s.

Even though she seemed to forget her name, Boxer concluded that she agreed with Ramirez.