Attorney General Hides Behind Young Spokesperson While Announcing Firing

( Virginia GOP Attorney General Jason Miyares is hiding behind his office’s youthful spokeswoman as he doubles down on the cancel culture firing of former Deputy AG Monique Miles. The latter sued Miyares and other members of his administration, including the spokeswoman, this week. This year, Miles was fired at the demand of liberal media after a Washington Post hit piece attacked her pro-election integrity Facebook posts.

National File addressed the Attorney General’s Office about Monique Miles’ defamation complaint and cancel culture termination, asking whether AG Miyares intended to apologize for firing Miles at the urging of liberal media before falsely stating that she resigned. Miyares spokesperson Victoria LaCivita told National File that the AG’s Office had no comment on the “circumstances of her leaving.”

“Ms. Miles is no longer employed by the Office of the Attorney General, and we have no further comment on the circumstances of her departure,” LaCivita, who is also named in the defamation suit, told National File, calling the story of Miyares kowtowing to far-left media and allegedly lying about Miles’ firing a “distraction.”

LaCivita said that the Office of the Attorney General commits to vigorously fight against Ms. Miles’ $1 million taxpayer dollar claim and is confident in our legal position, and despite this terrible distraction, the Attorney General is dedicated to protecting and serving Virginians.

As reported by National File, former Deputy AG Monique Miles was sacked by Miyares on February 10th after a Washington Post hit piece criticized her pro-election integrity Facebook remarks from over a year ago. Like several other conservatives, Miles questioned well-documented 2020 Election fraud and abnormalities.

After she was fired, the AG’s Office said she had resigned, signaling to the public that Miles had done something wrong by protecting American elections.

When Miles pushed back on the AG’s resignation claims, stating that she had been dismissed, the Miyares office changed their tune, claiming they’d “parted ways” with her due to a lack of “transparency.”
AG Miyares and spokeswoman Victoria LaCivita, Chief of Staff DJ Jordan, Chief Deputy AG Chuck Slemp III, and Director of External Affairs Klarke Kilgore are all listed in the defamation action, individually and in their professional positions.

Each is accused of playing a significant part in the AG’s termination of Miles and subsequent cover-up operations.