“Associated Press Forbids Using Grooming” When Describing Pushing Agenda On Children

(FreedomBeacon.com)- The Associated Press has updated its Stylebook to offer guidance on how reporters should handle writing about “transgender” issues.

While the AP Stylebook isn’t a rule book, many American news outlets, magazines, and public relations firms use the stylebook guidelines as a writing standard. So it goes without saying that its guidance on “transgender” issues will hold significant sway over the public discourse.

The updated guidelines discourage reporters from directly quoting anyone who uses the word “groomer” to describe teachers who indoctrinate children in sex and “trans” ideology. Likewise, reporters are also advised to avoid using descriptions like “biological male” when writing about “trans women.”

The AP Stylebook suggests reporters use a phrase like “is a woman” instead of “identifies as a woman.” Since “opponents of transgender rights” use phrases like “biological male,” the Stylebook wants reporters to avoid it, arguing that the phrase is “misleading shorthand” for “assigned male at birth.”

You see, the AP Stylebook asserts that “sex” and “gender” are two different things.

You can tell that “groomer” is having a negative effect on the Left’s narrative. Shortly after some social media platforms announce they will suspend those using “groomer,” the AP Stylebook advises reporters not to use “groomer” or “grooming” unless the reporters add the context that the claim is “untrue.”

Then there’s the practice known as “dead-naming.” This is when someone refers to a “trans” person by his or her given name instead of by his or her “trans” name.

The Stylebook asserts that “dead-naming” a transgender person “can be akin to using a slur.”

Likewise, reporters should never directly quote anyone who “misgenders” a “trans” person. So if someone calls Richard “Rachel” Levine “he” or a “man,” the reporter must not quote it directly.

The pretzels the American corporate media is willing to twist itself just to prop up the fragile alternative reality of the “transgender” ideology is something to behold.