Arizona House Passes Bill Requiring Teaching About People Who Fled Communism

( Arizona’s House of Representatives just adopted a measure that will require students to be taught in schools about the dangers of communism and the incredible damage and tragedy caused by communists throughout human history.

On Friday, state legislators passed House Bill 2898, requiring a new civics education class that will highlight the importance of democrats and educate children about the dangers of Marxism.

It might sound like a radical change to the curriculum to Democrats, but this is something that used to be taught in schools – and something that children need to hear about now that communism and Marxism – which are one and the same – are being advocated in classes.

The new measure will specifically require that oral stories from people who have left communist countries to live in the United States will be given to students, allowing them to hear first-hand about the dangers of communism. It will also ensure that this isn’t just an exercise in making children read textbooks – they will be able to speak to people who have seen communism up close, and learn what might happen if the country adopts the kinds of policies advocated by far-left Senator Bernie Sanders and Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

Arizona Rep. Judy Burges praised the passing of the new bill. Saying that it will provide a “comparative discussion” about political ideologies, and explain how totalitarianism and communism are both in stark contrast to the principles of freedom and democracy that the United States was founded on.

Democrats obviously found an issue with the bill.

Rep. Daniel Hernandez said that the bill should be scrapped because white nationalism poses a bigger threat to the United States than communism does, despite the fact that there are no white nationalists in Congress…and dozens of Marxists.

What planet do these people live on?