Arizona Border Wall Welded Open By Biden Admin

According to the media, the Biden administration welded open border wall gates in the Lukeville, Arizona, region. With the gates open, migrants may easily cross the border and enter the Arizona desert.

A report stated that Border Patrol agents had revealed that they had decided to open the flood gates in the border wall at several locations near Lukeville using welding equipment. After allegedly trying to place responsibility on other government agencies, the agency reportedly admitted that it had allowed thousands of illegal aliens to walk into the nation’s busiest border region without incident.

Regarding migrant arrests in July, the Tucson Sector was at the forefront of the country. Nearly 40,000 migrants have been apprehended, which is an increase of approximately 136% compared to July 2022. According to estimates from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the sector is in second position in year-to-date apprehensions after having arrested over 274,000 illegal migrants, a rise of 60 percent over the same time the previous year.

One Ecuadorian illegal migrant told reporters they had anticipated some kind of interaction from the agents, but they just let them walk in.

A Cuban man stated it was simple to enter the United States. His time in Mexico was the tough part. He anticipated a higher level of security on the US border, but there isn’t.

A report reveals multiple images showing illegal migrants freely passing through the welded-open gates, which may be seen in video reports. In one shot, the gate is held open by a steel spike soldered into the earth.

Meanwhile, in New York, dozens of demonstrators gathered at Gracie Mansion, and things quickly escalated. They started a demonstration about the immigration situation to drown out the noise of the angry crowd.

Curtis Sliwa, the event’s organizer, is upset with Mayor Adams for saying earlier this summer that he would love to bring a few families to Gracie Mansion if given the chance.

Sliwa said that on the following day, the mayor completely changed his story, saying he couldn’t do that.

Many in the crowd feel strongly that President Biden has left the doors wide open to illegal immigration.