AOC Suggests Using Thanksgiving to Prove She’s Human

( As a general rule, Leftists always want to turn holiday gatherings into a kind of political deathmatch. Since Barack Obama was president, Democrats have taken to releasing talking points to their supporters so they can better argue with family members who have not embraced the Left’s agenda.

Obama’s HHS provided talking points that Obamacare supporters could use to shut down their anti-Obamacare family members. In 2015, the Obama administration provided suggestions for convincing your family to support gun control over Thanksgiving dinner.

When Hillary Clinton ran for President, her campaign offered “How to win a Thanksgiving debate with Republicans: Tips from Hillary Clinton’s communications team.”

Thanksgiving, Christmas, even the Fourth of July — Democrats view family gatherings as the perfect opportunity to badger family while promoting the Democrat agenda.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the thin-skinned Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asked her Instagram fans if they liked the idea of her sending personalized videos they could play to their conservative family members on Thanksgiving.

But while other Democrats want their supporters to flog agenda items, Ocasio-Cortez wanted her supporters to defend her personally.

In an Instagram video Tuesday, Ocasio-Cortez offered a poll to see if her fans support what she admitted was a “bad idea.” Any idea from AOC is a bad idea, so the caveat was unnecessary.

She told them that she knows “a lot of y’all” talk about how “contentious” Thanksgiving dinner can be “with some of y’all’s families.”

“Y’all?” Since when is the Bronx in Georgia?

She suggested if one of their family members “thinks that I’m a lizard person or something” that she could send a personalized video her fans could play to prove she’s human.

Amazing how even hypothetical family members are living rent-free in Ocasio-Cortez’s head. This woman is so thin-skinned she can’t stand the thought of perfect strangers having a bad opinion of her.

But of course, her slack-jawed fans LOVED the idea. 94 percent of them wanted her to make these thin-skinned videos.

Fortunately for the sane members of the family, Ocasio-Cortez lacks follow-through.