AOC Starts Crying On House Floor

( Here’s a story from last week that’s so good we want to cover it again.

In case you didn’t see it already, video footage captured far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez crying on the floor of the House of Representatives after she was forced to vote “present” by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on a bill that would maintain funding for Israel’s Iron Dome system.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, along with a host of other far-left Democratic lawmakers, had pledged to vote against the bill in protest over Israel defending itself against rocket attacks from Hamas terrorists. However, after a stern talking-to from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, AOC and her caucus of anti-Israel radicals voted “present” and allowed the bill to pass.

She then appeared on camera weeping with her colleagues.

Does AOC even know what the Iron Dome does? Is she unaware that it is a defense system designed to stop innocent people in Israel from being murdered by rockets fired from “Palestine” by hardline, extremist Islamic terrorists from Hamas?

You can see her crying here:

We haven’t heard from AOC yet about what she was crying about.

It’s unclear whether she simply doesn’t understand that the Iron Dome is a system designed to protect against terror attacks, or if she just doesn’t want Israelis to be able to protect themselves.

But it’s something worth remembering. If an elected Republican legislator was to appear crying on the House floor after passing a bill that helps people protect themselves against terrorists, can you imagine what the Democrats would say?