AOC Slammed After Insane Claim About GOP

( Far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is facing increasing pressure to walk back an insane claim she made over the weekend about the massive spike in violent crime in her city and across other cities all over the country. Ocasio-Cortez told Rep. Jamaal Bowman, another New York Democratic member of Congress, that it was “hysteria” to be concerned about the spike in violent crime.

During the discussion, which took place on Zoom and was shared on their respective social media platforms, cast doubt on the data showing that the United States is experiencing a crime wave. New York, for instance, has seen a 53% increase in shooting and a 13% increase in murders since the beginning of this year.

Ocasio-Cortez addressed the headlines about the percentage increases, and after noting that “any amount of harm” is too much, she said that she wants to make sure that it “doesn’t’ drive a hysteria.”

Hysteria? How else should people be feeling when they see their towns and cities succumb to massive spikes in violent crime, while Democrats defund the police?

Christopher Bedford, the senior editor of The Federalist, said that AOC’s comments were “shameful.”

Joe Gabriel Simonson retweeted the story and reminded the world that AOC also talks about the trauma she struggles with because of the January 6 riot.

She has some gall, right? Imagine complaining about the January 6 riot, which ended after a few hours, but ignoring the violent crime committed by Democrats in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement and Antifa…

Buck Sexton also quipped that until a criminal breaks into AOC’s expensive Tesla car or ransacks her local Whole Foods, she isn’t going to care…

What do you think…will AOC ever admit that crime is a problem that needs to be solved?