Another State Capital Gets Stormed

There has been another violent mob demonstrating in front of a state capitol, which, in the hands of conservative protesters, could be labeled a “threat to democracy.” Some instigator dude wearing a horned Viking helmet is all it would need to have it labeled an insurrection.

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives in Tallahassee, Florida, voted on Thursday to ban abortions beyond six weeks, and protestors in the gallery tossed paper at the politicians. The legislation would outlaw abortions after the sixth week.

The protest organized by Occupy Tally in front of the Leon County Courthouse was granted permission by local authorities to protest peacefully in a designated area. On Monday evening, protesters gathered outside City Hall but quickly became unruly and entered the building. They were arrested and later charged with trespassing.

After much deliberation, the protesters have decided to keep their camp in front of the courthouse for the rest of the week. They’ve packed their own toilet trailer, complete with bedding and other basics. They have thought of every possibility.

“With this law, our bodies are already on the line,” Occupy Tally leader Kat Duesterhaus was quoted as saying. “a few more additional nights out in the cold and a little bit more public suffering is nothing to us, compared to what we are facing,” they said. 

Both houses of the Florida legislature passed the “Heartbeat Protection Act” on Thursday, and Governor Ron DeSantis signed it into law late that same day.

It should be no surprise that President Joe Biden’s administration would oppose the pro-life proposal.

The Associated Press reports that abortion is illegal in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi and unlawful in Georgia once a fetal pulse is detected.

Sixty-seven percent of Floridians agreed that abortion should be legalized in all or the vast majority of situations in a 2022 survey done by Florida Atlantic University. 

16% were opposed to any form of abortion.