Andrew Yang Backs Israel

( Andrew Yang just threw his support behind one of America’s most important allies, Israel – and it’s controversial for some reason.

The former Democratic presidential candidate and current candidate for New York City Mayor was attacked by fellow Democrats this week when he tweeted his support for the Jewish state of Israel amidst ongoing attacks by Palestinian terrorists.

“I’m standing with the people of Israel who are coming under bombardment attacks, and condemn the Hamas terrorists,” he said on Twitter.

It sounds like an entirely reasonable statement to make…but then again, Democrats aren’t exactly entirely reasonable these days.

He added that the people of New York City “will always stand with our brothers and sisters in Israel who face down terrorism and persevere,” but it turns out that plenty of extremist Democrats in New York City just don’t share that view.

Given New York City’s large Jewish population, it only makes sense for a mayoral candidate to declare their support for Israel, but even New York Democrats came out in opposition.

And yes, we’re talking about AOC.
Far-left New York City Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made the bizarre claim that it is “utterly shameful” for Yang to make the comments because he’d just turned up to an Eid event to support his Muslim supporters in NYC as well.

“Utterly shameful for Yang to try to show up to an Eid event after sending out a chest-thumping statement of support for a strike killing 9 children,” she said.

Why is AOC ignoring the fact that Israel is constantly under bombardment from literal terrorists?

Should Israel…stop fighting back?

AOC referenced a strike from Israel against the Al-Aqsa Mosque where rocks and fireworks were being stored by Palestinian terrorists for use in ongoing riots in the city of Lod.

If a Democrat can no longer support Israel…can American Jews still support the Democrats?