Andrew McCabe Says Right Wing Rally Should Be Targeted

( Corrupt former FBI Deputy Director and noted perjurer Andrew McCabe thinks that law enforcement needs to take “very seriously” an upcoming rally in support of the January 6 political prisoners.

Appearing on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront,” on Monday, McCabe, who never passes up an opportunity to fearmonger and smear people on the Right, told Poppy Harlow that law enforcement needs to take this rally even more seriously than they did the 3-hour riot on January 6.

The rally, “Justice for J6,” is scheduled for September 18. The purpose is to protest the harsh treatment and lack of due process for those who have remained behind bars awaiting trials for crimes like “trespassing.”

Naturally McCabe and CNN are trying to gin up panic by portraying those planning on exercising their First Amendment rights on September 18 as a “domestic terror threat.”

Then again, Federal law enforcement is also portraying this upcoming rally as a threat.

A law enforcement “source” apparently told CNN that the DC metro police will be “fully activated” and have canceled days off in the lead-up to the September 18 rally. Likewise, “Civil Disturbance Units” have been put on standby. This “source” also said that the department is monitoring online chatter as well as travel bookings ostensibly to gauge the size of the crowd.

It’s almost as if they’re hoping violence occurs.

McCabe also told Harlow that this rally, unlike the events of January 6, have the benefit of not having “a sitting President actively fanning the flames and trying to get people to attend the rally.”

What nonsense.

Trump encouraging people to attend the rally on January 6 – which was a separate event from the Capitol riot – was not “fanning the flames” of anything.

But the truth and reality have nothing to do with this. McCabe is just playing his part – building up a narrative that these rally-goers are actually dangerous “domestic terrorists” and “insurrectionists” planning to launch another attack on DC.

This is the same narrative that has been perpetrated by the Biden administration for months. It’s why Homeland Security sent out an alert this summer warning about violent domestic extremists threats.

This coordinated effort to paint political opponents as domestic enemies is, in reality, far more dangerous than any so-called “online chatter” from people planning to attend next week’s rally.