Andrew Cuomo’s Secret Past With Father Revealed

( By now, everybody knows that Andrew Cuomo has a less than positive history when it comes to women. But it seems as though every week or so, we hear new stories about Cuomo’s behavior towards women that are still just…shocking.

The latest story comes from Karen Hinton, the former press secretary for former Governor Andrew Cuomo, who worked for him when he was the Secretary of Housing under the Clinton administration between 1997 and 2001.

You forgot he was a government official, didn’t you? Clinton kept good company…

Hinton accused Cuomo earlier this year of hugging and touching her inappropriately in California two decades ago. And in a brand-new book titled “Penis Politics,” which relays stories about her time working for Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, Hinton also explained how Cuomo’s own father berated him for treating women with disrespect.

In the book, which was seen by the New York Times, Hinton said that Andrew and a friend were standing next to his father, Governor Mario Cuomo’s, state car. As they were waiting for Mario Cuomo to finish an event, Andrew and his friend were comparing women who walked by.

They compared breast sizes and more, and “the pros and cons of how to handle each.”

“They were beside themselves with laughter. The window came down. Unknown to them, Mario was in the car already and heard every word. The laughter stopped,” she writes in the book.


She goes on to say that Mario was “fuming” and told him not to “ever talk that way again about women.”

And she said that there was “no wink, wink, nod, nod from Mario Cuomo to his son.”

So Cuomo has been weird with women for…well, for decades?

Cuomo was accused of sexual assault and harassment by at least 11 women, resulting in his resignation earlier this year.

And if he wasn’t having a tough enough time, this book is about to make his life even more miserable.