Andrew Cuomo Says Alec Baldwin Is Being Charged For Political Reasons

( It happened on the movie’s New Mexico set on October 21, 2021. The Colt.45 handgun Baldwin was practicing drawing for a scene fired itself, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza.

Andrew Cuomo, a former Democratic governor of New York, commented on the actor Alec Baldwin’s recent charge of involuntary manslaughter by a New Mexico district attorney in the fatal shooting on the Rust set.

As A Matter Of Fact… With Andrew Cuomo, the host offered his opinion. Cuomo speculated that the case’s prosecutor could have political aspirations. Cuomo said he was acquainted with Baldwin and his family before his remark, rendering his opinion nothing more than partisan malarkey.

“Politicians work as prosecutors. Politicians are prosecutors,” said Cuomo, saying the quiet part out loud.

“‘Well, a prosecutor is above politics’ — Prosecutors are politicians. ‘Well, they’re not supposed to take politics into account.’ Prosecutors are politicians, and they are human beings,” Cuomo said in a convoluted word salad.

According to Cuomo, the charge against Baldwin was to get “headlines” and “free publicity.”

“ …Charge Alec Baldwin and make headlines, appear tough…like you’re going to take on the influential Hollywood big shot.”

Cuomo said the other option is to charge Alec Baldwin and lose the case knowing you will lose it. However, you can then claim that you did your best and receive free exposure worth $10 million in the meantime.

Cuomo added that the second choice would be to base oneself on the “facts.”

“Alternatively, you may say, ‘On the facts, on the merits. On several levels, this was a horrible tragedy and a tragic accident. However, there was no malice aforethought. Intent is also at the heart of this crime. Cuomo stated, “It’s horrible, it’s terrible, but it’s not a crime.”

Negligence is a crime. But Cuomo is the smartest guy in the room. Just ask him.