An Overview Of Recent Biblical Discoveries In The Holy Land

In 2023, Israel was the site of a remarkable string of archaeological finds that brought to light the existence of Jesus and the uninterrupted presence of the Jewish people in the Holy Land for over two thousand years.

A significant dig uncovered eight stairs leading down into the Pool of Siloam in the old city of David (now in the middle of Jerusalem), where Jesus restored sight to a blind man. Christian scholars agree that the discovery of the stairs proves the Bible is true.

Jesus’ presence in the Holy Land was congruent with the historical events on the steps of the Pool of Siloam, where visitors to the city of David would wash their feet upon arriving.

The public has had access to a wholly excavated pool area for several years. The bulk of the pool is now under excavation and will be opened either in stages or when the whole site is uncovered.

“The Word of God is real, and the Children of Israel are the original people of the Holy Land,” pastor John Hagee said last week, expanding on two truths confirmed with each archeological find in Israel. The world should unite behind Israel’s cause based on these findings. The worldwide community will not see the light of truth anytime soon in a society that is happy with Jew-hatred, alternative truths, and the assumption that TikTok supersedes objective reality.

Two noteworthy archaeological finds were revealed in July by the Israel Antiquities Authority. The first was the finding, in the Judean desert, of a rare silver half-shekel coin dating back more than two thousand years to the period of the first Jewish rebellion against the Romans. Even while many Israelis use the biblical terms Judea and Samaria to describe the area, the majority of the international world uses the term “West Bank” to describe the old biblical country that Israel occupies.

Archaeologists, biblical historians, and Israelis are all agog at the coin’s discovery, which reads “Holy Jerusalem” in ancient Hebrew. The coin dates back to 66/67 CE.

Historians contend that the assertion that Jews lived in Arabia 1,400 years before Islam was established disproves the famous (and predominantly Palestinian) myth that Jews “colonized” the biblical land after the Zionist movement and the rebirth of the Jewish state in the late 1800s and 1948, respectively.