Americans Have Big Questions After Hunter Biden Issues Go Public

( A new report by Politico claims that Hunter Biden’s continued shady business activity threatens to complicate a new anti-corruption push by the White House.

No kidding! Who would have thought that the son of the president selling artwork for as much as $500,000 despite having no experience as an artist might raise some questions?

It comes after Hunter Biden’s artwork, being curated by a famous New York art dealer, would reportedly go on sale with a stipulation that the names of the buyers remain secret from the artist. The idea was to ensure that President Joe Biden couldn’t be influenced by his son, and in turn by those who paid huge sums of money to Hunter Biden for his artwork, but the idea is flawed.

Hunter Biden will attend a public event in New York where potential buyers will see the artwork for themselves and express their interest.

Politico noted that there has long been some level of silence from the political left about Hunter Biden’s business activities, but that appears to be changing. The article cited new attention to the laptop story, which relates to the damning documents, photos, and emails obtained from a laptop that previously belonged to Hunter Biden.

While the media covered for the story and claimed it was untrue when it first broke during the 2020 presidential election, it has since come to light that every single part of the story was true and that the laptop did indeed show that Hunter Biden was making business deals abroad off the back of his father’s influence and name.

The report also says that with Joe Biden now in office, Hunter Biden’s activities no longer have an effect on the electoral choice between Biden and Trump…the effect is actually more serious than that, at least for the Democrats.

“Instead, they threaten to complicate the White House’s efforts to position Biden as a global anti-corruption crusader, along with its contention that ‘we have the highest ethical standards of any administration in history,’” Politico writes.

The long investigation, which you can read here, reveals the extent of the concern among Democrats about Hunter Biden and suggests that we could start seeing moves somewhat soon to rein in his dodgy activities.