Americans Fleeing California In Droves

( A report from commercial realty firm CBRE Group just revealed how Americans are fleeing California in droves, leaving for pastures anew in free, Republican states.

It turns out people don’t like high taxes and dirty streets…

The realty group said that the city of San Francisco lost the most residents out of every major American city between 2019 and 2020. Some 70% of those moved to nearby Sacramento, according to the data, which was collected from United States Postal Service records.

The number of people moving to Texas and Florida increased dramatically, also. That figure went up by 32.1% for Texas and 46.2% for Florida, showing just how attractive Republican states are becoming.

It will no doubt prove a concern to Republican residents of those states, however, as possible Democrat voters relocate to Republican areas and maintain the voting habits that turned San Francisco into the high-tax and lawless place it is becoming.

Keith Rabois, an investor who moved to Florida from California, told Business Insider that “many of the most ambitious people on the planet lived here.”

“But post-COVID, I think the concentration of talent has atrophied, perhaps permanently,” he added.

The data shows people leaving during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic when most people didn’t need to go to their offices to work any more. It shows as many as 89,000 San Francisco households leaving the city between March and November last year.

“The pandemic came just as the bulk of the large and increasingly affluent millennial cohort had reached prime family formation age,” the report says. “Consequently, millennials had been trending toward more suburban residencies even before COVID-19 came on the scene.”

As a result of people leaving, rents in the city are plummeting, with landlords trying to recoup their losses. The average cost of an apartment, according to Apartment List, is down 27% over last year, with a one-bedroom apartment on average costing $1,992 and a two-bedroom apartment costing $2,305.

Who wants to pay so much money to live in…San Francisco?

As if this wasn’t bad enough for the Democrat-run city and state, President Joe Biden is preparing to raise taxes, which could see yet more residents fleeing the state as the burden, combined with state tax, becomes too much.

2021 may be the year of the mass exodus to Republican states.