Ambush Style Attacks On Police Up 91% Under Biden

( While House Democrats pretend to be super-duper concerned about the feelings of the Capitol Hill Police officers who lived through the trauma of selfie-snapping grandmas and weirdos in Viking hats on January 6, out in real America, American law enforcement is under attack thanks to the radical Democrats’ anti-police agenda.

According to the National Fraternal Order of Police, America is experiencing a surge in violence against law enforcement in 2021.

Over 150 officers have been shot and 28 killed. Worse still there is a staggering 91% increase in ambush-style attacks compared to 2020. Of the 150 officers shot, fifty-one were shot in forty separate ambush attacks.

The FOP lays this astronomical rise in ambush-style attacks directly at the feet of the “Defund the Police” and BLM anti-law enforcement rhetoric – so often echoed by members of Congress.

The FOP released this report last week. And already the ambush-style attacks just keep coming.

Atlanta police officer Khuong Thai was hit multiple times, including taking a bullet in the face in an ambush attack on Monday, July 5.

Thai, who immigrated to the US from Vietnam in 2013, was attacked after he and another officer responded to a call about shots fired at an apartment building in midtown Atlanta. The suspect opened fire as soon as the officers stepped off the elevator.

Despite being hit, both Thai and the other officer returned fire, killing the suspect, 29-year-old Joseph Lee Humbles. The other officer managed to pull Thai to safety.

Miraculously, Officer Khuong Thai survived his wounds.

His Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, is a strong proponent of Black Lives Matter. During the 2020 riots that erupted nationwide after the in-custody death of George Floyd, Bottoms bragged that, under her guiding hand, Atlanta has been defunding the police for years by “reallocating funding” to social services and community enhancement initiatives.

Yeah. It shows.

By mid-June, homicides in Atlanta were up 58% compared to mid-June last year.