Ambassador Says NATO Will Use Fighter Jets To Protect Ukraine

( According to Kyiv’s Ambassador to NATO, NATO countries will eventually give Ukraine the most effective conventional weaponry to help push back Russian soldiers.

Natalia Galibarenko’s conversations with NATO countries are underway regarding longer-range missiles, fighter planes, and main battle tanks. A source of particular aggravation for Kyiv has been the refusal of NATO countries to provide fighter planes or main battle tanks out of concern of upsetting Russia.

Galibarenko remarked that the allies were aware of Ukraine’s strong interest in acquiring planes and tanks, but no final decision was made.

According to reports, Ukraine’s Defense Minister, Oleksii Reznikov, recently praised the new age of air defense after the U.S., Spain, and Germany pledged to provide more anti-aircraft defenses or speed up planned deployments of such weapons.

For its current counteroffensives in the east and south, where the Ukrainian army claim to have freed more than 600 communities in a month, Galibarenko added that Ukraine is also looking at more sophisticated offensive and hybrid weaponry systems.

Reports show Putin’s mobilization order, annexations, and long-range attacks have so far failed to deter Ukraine’s relentless counter-offensives.

Galibarenko stated that Kyiv plans to keep making progress even during the challenging winter. At least for the time being, the plan is to maintain the current pace. She said that NATO assisted with winter necessities, including warm clothing, shelters, heaters, and diesel generators.   Galibarenko claims that talks are underway about helping Ukraine restore damaged equipment and train its military in NATO countries.

French President Emmanuel Macron insisted that Russian President Vladimir Putin would not retaliate with a nuclear strike on Ukraine. But western officials have long warned they would not risk a direct NATO-Russia atomic showdown.

According to reports, Galibarenko asserted that Ukraine is more resistant to Putin’s nuclear blackmail than other countries are. In her words, Ukrainians are in such a state of spirit and mood that they are not even terrified to face a nuclear strike.

But a nuclear strike wouldn’t only hurt Ukraine. It would also affect Europe. And Europe doesn’t seem to be in the “mood” for that.

Why aren’t Ukraine and Russia speaking, and who is preventing it?