Amazon Says Police Can’t Use Facial Recognition Software

( You may not have been aware, but last year, Inc imposed a moratorium stopping law enforcement from using its facial recognition software. The moratorium was to last one year, and right around the time law enforcement was due to be allowed to finally start using the software, Amazon has stepped in and extended that ban until further notice.

The ban was put in place in June of last year following protests across the United States in the wake of the George Floyd killing. Amazon responded by making it more difficult for police officers to identify far-left extremists attending these rallies, meaning their decision to stop officers wasn’t so much a freedom-minded intervention…but one designed to stop left-wing radicals from being arrested for engaging in violence across the United States.

Violence that caused as much as $2 billion in damage.

Civil liberties campaigners have long stood against the use of facial recognition technology, claiming that it not only infringes on peoples’ rights to privacy but could also lead to unjust arrests.

Sadly, last year might have been the time we needed such an infringement on civil liberties the most…but then again, how much of an infringement on civil liberty is tracking down violent left-wing extremists who burned down entire districts of American cities like Kenosha and Portland?

Facial recognition is a very real technology now. It helps people log in to their iPhones and laptops, and it is used in China already as a mass surveillance tool. In the United States and across the West, it remains a hot topic issue.

Amazon has faced calls recently from activists to keep the ban in place permanently, ensuring that law enforcement can never track American citizens with such ease.

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