Alvin Bragg To File Charges Against Marine After Subway Death

Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan district attorney supported by George Soros, has announced that he will be filing criminal charges against the man who applied a chokehold on New York City subway menace Jordan Neely, who ultimately died a result of his injuries. 

The 24-year-old ex-Marine subdued Neely after he threatened to harm subway riders.

A former Marine named Daniel Penny, now 24 years old, is expected to surrender to authorities in New York City on Friday.

Penny is suspected of the May 1 death of Neely. The details of the charges against Penny have not been made public.

A DA’s office spokeswoman announced they would be unable to comment until after the defendant’s arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court, scheduled for Friday. 

Penny and some other men traveling the F train in the New York City subway system were seen on camera holding Neely down after he reportedly harassed and threatened others. The resulting video has since gone viral.

The 30-year-old Neely, who was homeless and had a lengthy criminal record, including an attempt to kidnap a young girl, did this frequently. Penny was one of the men who finally fought back after passenger Neely began harassing and threatening those in the subway car.

Among the men holding Neely, Penny was the only one to use a chokehold, a common restraint technique; whether or not the other men will be charged is unclear.

Penny has been unfairly depicted as a symbol of white tyranny due to his efforts to protect his fellow subway riders, who represented various racial identities. Even though men of different races were involved in the struggle to subdue Neely, which has stoked further violence at Black Lives Matter protests, there is no evidence that Penny is racially biased.

There have been renewed, violent Black Lives Matter protests since Neely’s death.

Members of BLM are still unhappy, even after the arrest announcement was made.

They say it’s unfair that they must wait for the district attorney’s office to finish their investigation before they can file formal charges.

As one “protester,” Tanesha Grant, said, “It’s ten days too late.” 

If not for the law, it is clear that BLM would be, ironically, a lynch mob.