Alvin Bragg Accuses GOP Of “Abuse Of Power” After He Arrests GOP Frontrunner

Mark Pomerantz was served with a subpoena last Thursday, according to an announcement made by the House Judiciary Committee.

According to a tweet from the account of the House GOP, Pomerantz oversaw the investigation into President Trump’s finances before leaving in protest over Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s initial reluctance to go through with charges against Trump. Pomerantz quit in response to Bragg’s hesitation to move ahead with charges against Trump. In response to this announcement, the District Attorney of Manhattan, Alvin Bragg, issued a press release criticizing the Republican Judiciary for misusing its authority.

According to the House Judiciary Committee, the Manhattan DA’s office had admitted that, throughout Pomerantz’s tenure and before, it utilized federal forfeiture monies in its probes of President Trump. In order to inform the discussion of proposed legislative amendments that would preclude state or local criminal prosecutions for political reasons of current or past presidents, the Committee is undertaking oversight of Bragg’s extraordinary prosecutorial actions.

Following the release of the House Judiciary Committee’s findings on Thursday, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg issued a statement saying that the  Republicans continue to undermine a continuing case with intimidation. 

According to a report, the dramatic back-and-forth between Alvin Bragg and Jim Jordan reached a new level when the Manhattan DA filed a lawsuit against the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. The lawsuit said that Congress had no right to investigate the indictment of Donald Trump brought by New York State. 


Court decisions that stretch back to the leak of the Pentagon Papers in the 1970s may make it more difficult for Bragg’s office to prevent legislators from poking their heads in by making a small expenditure of money governed by the federal government.

The legal problem for Bragg is the fact that his office has previously stated that it spent $5,000 that was confiscated from criminals as part of the government forfeiture of assets program to fund the criminal investigations into Trump, his business, and his former CFO, as well as to battle court skirmishes over subpoena compliance.