Allies Of Vladimir Putin’s Enemy Arrested Suddenly

( Protestors in Russia demonstrating against President Vladimir Putin and in support of opposition leader Alexey Navalny were arrested outside the prison where he is being held on Tuesday.

Dozens of Russians turned up to the prison, including a team of medics that were led by the personal doctor of Navalny, to demand justice. They were refused entry to the prison after demanding to be given access to the political prisoner.

“We understand Navalny’s medical condition a little bit better than the prison administration,” Navalny’s personal doctor, Anastasia Vasilyeva, said.

“Here’s our plan, to talk to the chief correctional officer, to talk to the prison medic, and to come up with a solution to provide treatment to Navalny so that he ends his hunger strike. Because what’s going on is bad for his health,” she added.

Navalny is reportedly “seriously ill” with a high temperature and a bad cough after going on a hunger strike last week in protest of a lack of proper medical attention. The opposition leader has suffered from acute back pain that became so severe it affected his ability to walk, and one of his lawyers has claimed the pain is being exacerbated by “torture by sleep deprivation.”

The prison, according to Navalny and his lawyers, doesn’t provide proper sustenance and nutrition to keep him and other inmates healthy. But on Tuesday, the Kremlin said that Navalny won’t receive any additional conditions or treatment during the time he spends in prison, and has reportedly been tested for COVID-10. It came back negative.

However, Navalny and his lawyers said that there was a tuberculosis outbreak in the prison, with three of the 15 prisoners in his block already hospitalized.

“And what? Do you think there is a state of emergency, ambulance sirens are blaring? No-one cares, the bosses are worried only about how to hide the statistics,” Navalny said.

The group of protesters from the Doctors’ Alliance were arrested after a short standoff with law enforcement outside the prison, who were arrested on security grounds.

A nationwide strike is now being organized in Russia to demand the release of the opposition leader. It is expected to take place in the coming the weeks.