All The Predictions Trump Got Right

( When running for president in 2020, former President Donald Trump made startlingly accurate predictions about what would happen to the country if Joe Biden won.

Trump correctly forewarned people that Biden’s policies would undermine free speech and the Second Amendment, invite a wave of unauthorized immigrants across the border, and subject consumers to sky-high gas costs and a deteriorating economy.

Biden’s government, according to Trump, would pursue a “radical left agenda,” which would target the First and Second amendments.

In August 2020, Trump said that Biden was following the extreme left agenda: take away your weapons, destroy your Second Amendment, no religion, no anything, damage the Bible, hurt God, he’s against God, he’s against guns, he’s against energy, our sort of energy.

The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, signed by Biden on June 25, is the first new gun control bill in 28 years.

The measure redefines who is eligible to register as a Federal Firearms Licensee, extends the waiting period before a transaction can be allowed, enhances federal background checks, and provides millions of dollars in incentives to states that implement red-flag legislation.

The law, according to Biden, includes steps that would save lives while not going as far as his administration had hoped.

Biden’s border policy, according to Trump, would essentially leave the southern border wide open to illegal immigrants.

“Give all new illegal immigrants refuge. Let’s try that one. Expand asylum to all new illegal immigrants,” Biden has said.

Trump has noted that Biden said we must remove immigrant detention centers. No more incarceration. No more detention for coming here without authorization is Biden’s policy.

Biden has said in the past that all deportations must end. If we find a member of the MS-13 gang—which we have expelled from our nation in the thousands—we must return them to Honduras, Guatemala, or El Salvador because we can no longer do that. No longer able to do that. All deportations must stop. In other words, we’ll accept all these individuals, many of whom are serving time for rape, murder, and various other offenses.

These Trump forecasts were deemed “wrong in nearly every aspect” by the Associated Press. According to a recent study by Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives (House GOP), the fact-checkers were wildly off.

According to the House GOP report, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has detained nearly 2.9 million unauthorized immigrants since Biden assumed office, including 239,416 interactions with migrants in May 2022 alone.

Trump projected that by eroding America’s energy independence, Biden’s energy plans would increase prices for Americans.

According to fact-check by The Philadelphia Inquirer, Trump “vastly oversimplified” Biden’s “nuanced view” on energy issues. “Trump’s assertion is false. The Inquirer rated the claim as False.

On March 6, gas prices in Gorda, California, reached $7.59 per gallon, proving Trump’s assertion that Biden would cause gas prices to soar to be true.

It must be nice to have a mighty tail-wind provided by the propaganda arm of the DNC, also known as the mainstream media.