Alex Jones Texts: “Stay Away From My Wife…”

( A report shows the collection of Alex Jones’ private text messages reveals that the InfoWars founder seems to be a downtrodden individual.

According to reports, the lawyer for Alex Jones, who is embroiled in a court battle over the unintentional disclosure of his client’s cell phone records, acknowledged the challenges of electronic discovery.

Andino Reynal disputed claims made in media articles and statements about the duration of the data’s coverage in an email to Bloomberg Law, reiterating that the disclosure to opposing counsel was made inadvertently.

According to a report, the highly contentious Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch project prepared the texts for publication after they were made a part of the public record during one of the trials in the various defamation lawsuits brought against Jones. The texts were prepared for publication.

Texts reveal that Jones demanded his wife respond to his angry texts or pick up the phone numerous times.

The report reveals that soon after midnight on January 17, 2020, Jones alleged that Erica had cheated on him.

Jones allegedly had a former police officer track his wife.
Tim Enlow, a former Austin Police Department officer who now works for Blackwater, served as Jones’ security guard and was seen following Jones’ wife Erica in several text messages.

Enlow sent Jones lists of names, addresses, and phone numbers on May 8, 2020, along with images of vehicles and license plates of the man who appeared to be with Erica.

Jones texted the man. The man then texted back and enquired how Jones obtained his phone number.

Jones allegedly got the man’s address from Enlow and drove to his home after texting Erica eleven times and receiving one response. Jones texted Erica to let her know he was outside and would not leave until she answered the phone.

The resident of the house texted Jones never to return there about 40 minutes later.

After an hour, Jones texted him again, telling him to ‚Äústay away from my wife, tuff guy.”