Alex Jones Says He Knows When Trump Will Announce

( Last week, Alex Jones announced that former President Donald Trump would be declaring his candidacy for the 2024 Republican nomination on Monday, July 4. And Jones’ source for this announcement? Roger Stone.

During his InfoWars broadcast on Wednesday, Jones confidently declared that on Monday, July 4, Donald Trump “is gonna announce he’s running for his second term.” He suggested that the announcement would have “explosive political, cultural, economic, medical, financial implications.”

Jones said Roger Stone had claimed that Donald Trump had no plans to run again in 2024 until recently, which beggars belief. According to Stone, it wasn’t until Biden “ran America into the ground” that Trump decided to run for president again.

Jones then reiterated that Roger Stone has confirmed that the former president was planning to announce his candidacy on July 4, adding “this is exclusive.”

Well, July 4 has come and gone and Donald Trump didn’t announce anything.

That should teach Alex Jones not to believe everything Roger Stone says.