Alex Jones Reportedly Behind Tucker Carlson’s Latest Documentary

( On Sunday, Alex Jones claimed that sections of Tucker Carlson’s newest original documentary were recorded on his Texas land.

The odd advertising video for the documentary “The End of Men” has already gotten a lot of attention. Many feel the ad, which publicized a film about men being feminized, was pretty “gay” itself.

The premise of “The End of Men” is that male sperm count is rapidly declining, leading to the downfall of American civilization.

Over the weekend, Jones, a proponent of high sperm counts, discussed the film on his InfoWars program.

Jones said he didn’t travel out there, but he sent a crew because Tucker’s producer wanted to utilize a central Texas piece of land to film, and they shot some of it on his property.

Jones said that this is the end of humanity as we know it, and what we need to do to counteract this is for males to step up and act like men.

Then Jones said while viewing some teaser clips, “Yeah, that’s my.50-cal. getting shot out there.”

One of Tucker’s odder sights in his documentary is a man putting red light on his testicles to enhance his testosterone.

Jones said that this would enrage the libtards like no other.

According to Jones, the Sandy Hook tragedy was a false flag operation, and he was found guilty of slander in 2012. Victims of the Newtown, Connecticut school tragedy sued Jones for claiming it was a fabrication and staged the event by crisis actors.

Following the settlement, Jones allegedly filed for bankruptcy.

Jones stated that “this one” (the documentary) will be worse for the liberals than his January 6 documentary.

“I’m delighted they shot part of it here in central Texas with us, but this is obviously a lot of fun. Again, to enrage the liberals. And I want them to stop putting chemicals in the water that are making the frickin frogs gay,” Jones chided.