Alex Jones Predicted A Sudden War In Early February

( Alex Jones, the host of Info Wars, is known all over the world for being a conspiracy theorist. And while it’s hard to ignore the fact that some of his predictions have been “kooky” to say the least, he has been proven right about a lot of things in recent years.

His most recent prediction that turned out to be 100% true was that war would erupt in Europe in February.

Back in October of last year, Jones predicted that there would be a “giant war in February.”

“We’re looking at a giant war in February right now,” he said. “Currently that’s the projection with the top people on the earth right now who claim they’re not with the new world order combine…is war in February.”

In the video clip above, he says that it was like the time before the First World War and the Second World War, when everything “kicks off.”

He expressed his desire that regional conflicts didn’t become one big global war and insisted that his government sources and intelligence officials believe that a global war may well unfold.

If Jones was right about war erupting in February…we’ll have to hope he isn’t right that the regional conflict turns into a Third World War.

Just how many times is Alex Jones going to be proven right? And where is he getting this information from?

At this point, even Democrats have to admit that Jones has a better foresight than President Joe Biden does. Even if he is a little wacky.