Alec Baldwin Gun Was Used For Target Practice Hours Before Accident

( When the news that actor Alec Baldwin had shot dead his cinematographer on the set of his upcoming movie “Rust” came out, the whole world wondered how live ammunition could have made it into a prop gun on the set of a Western film.

And now, we know.

According to a source familiar with what happened on the set, crew members who were bored in between filming sessions would often use the prop guns on set to go “plinking” – loading the guns with live ammunition and using them to fire at beer cans in the middle of the New Mexico desert.

It turns out that one of the guns that were used by actors on the set to fire at beer cans eventually made its way into the hands of Alec Baldwin. He was told that the gun was “cold,” meaning it wasn’t loaded, but failed to check the gun for himself – ultimately resulting in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

The Wrap reported how the shooting of Hutchins happened only a few hours after crewmembers had gone “plinking” with the gun.

Baldwin is now waiting to find out what the future holds for him. The death of Hutchins is already being investigated by the authorities, who are working to determine precisely who should go on trial – and during that trial, it will be up to the judge and the jury to decide whether Baldwin holds any responsibility for the extremely irresponsible way guns and ammunition were handled on the set, and for ultimately being the one who actually shot Hutchins dead.

In a statement published on Twitter, Baldwin said that his heart breaks for Hutchins’ husband and son and that he is fully cooperating with the police investigation to “address how this tragedy occurred.”

It sounds like we might already know how it happened…and Baldwin presumably knows, too.