Alan Dershowtiz Warns Nothing Directly Points To Hillary Clinton In Spying Scandal

( Alan Dershowitz, the famed constitutional lawyer, offered his perspective on the court filings from Special Counsel John Durham last week. During an interview with Newsmax, Dershowitz didn’t deny that Durham had found that Clinton campaign lawyers allegedly employed tech experts to spy on then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign, but did suggest that nothing so far directly implicated Hillary Clinton herself.

Durham, who was appointed by Attorney General Bill Barr in 2019 to investigate the origins of the FBI investigation of former President Donald Trump and the false allegations that he colluded with Russia, recently revealed findings from his years-long investigation that proved former President Donald Trump right all along. His campaign was spied on by people paid by the Clinton campaign.

Hillary Clinton denies the claims, but Dershowitz had a good grasp of what is really going on.

“Well as usual it’s split down the middle,” he told anchor Sean Spicer. “It is a big deal and it constitutes probably cause for believing that people in the Clinton campaign were certainly involved in dirty politics. Whether they crossed the line to criminality…let’s not rush to judgment.”

Mediaite, a left-wing news site that often smears Trump supporters and sides with Democrats, tried to suggest that Dershowitz debunked the Clinton story. But he didn’t. The findings are very real, and Dershowitz simply noted that the report has yet to be released in full and so far, the probe has listed a number of “process crimes” rather than “substantive indictments.”

He didn’t say that indictments are coming, and he admitted that he believes the investigation will blow the lid on “very, very dirty politics” from the Clinton campaign.

He also added that, as a personal friend of Hillary Clinton, he is “disappointed” in her.

That doesn’t exactly sound like he “debunked” anything, does it?

If Clinton is unhappy with what Durham has exposed so far, wait until the full report comes out…