Akon Calls African Americans To Action, Predicts U.S. Collapse

Since the 46th president of the United States entered the Oval Office in January of 2021, it is no secret to most observers domestically that the nation is engulfed in precarious circumstances. Fiscally, inflation has reached heights not seen in decades and American families across the country struggle to make ends meet. The overall quality of life in cities, suburbs, and rural communities continues to decline as crime levels soar in sections of the nation due in part to weak criminal reform policies promoted by progressive politicians. Additionally, a cultural war has entered classrooms in public schools in several states, as parents clash with state governments and school boards which have attempted to mitigate the rights of parents and take positions of increased authority over children. In truth, things are not “all good” in the union.

Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread race-riots which occurred in cities across the country in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin a law enforcement officer from Minnesota have spiked racial tensions. Acting in a manner detrimental to peace and unity amongst ethnicities, the R&B singer Akon has been pushing for black Americans to leave the country and move to Senegal. The 50 year old, extremely affluent artist from St. Louis, Missouri has partnered with the country to build a planned city based on his own personal cryptocurrency called “Akoin”.

Promoting the project as a way for black Americans to better themselves and escape “oppression” which they face in America, the artist spent much of his childhood in Senegal. Akon claims that black Americans built the United States, and that if they decided “en-masse” to migrate to Senegal, that he believes that the domestic economy would collapse. Akon’s recent positions in race are in contrast to his previous opinions; three years ago, the artist was criticized by many blacks for saying it was time to “get over” slavery.