AI Could Wipe Out Humanity, Experts Say

( When artificial intelligence (AI) inevitably becomes more sophisticated than humans, it is likely to pose as huge a danger to other species as humanity did to the dodo, according to experts from Oxford University.

Members of Parliament (MP) have been notified that the development of more advanced forms of artificial intelligence may one day “kill everyone,” and there would be nothing we could do to stop it.

According to what they informed the Science and Technology Select Committee, reaching this level, also known as superhuman AI, might be accomplished by the end of this century.

Evidence was heard as part of an investigation conducted by the government into the dangers presented by AI and how technology may be employed in a manner that is both ethical and responsible.

During the event’s opening session, doctorate student Michael Cohen delivered a sobering warning that there were no boundaries to the extent to which AI may progress.

“I think the bleak scenario is realistic because AI is attempting to bottle what makes humans special, that has led to humans completely changing the face of the Earth,” Cohen remarked.

Cohen said if we can capture it in technology, then, of course, it will offer just as much danger to humans as we have presented to other species, “the dodo being one example.”

There are some unsettling similarities between the apocalypse prophecies and the storyline of science fiction films, in which humankind is dependent on sentient robots.

A machine learning professor, Michael Osborne, warned of a ‘literal arms race’ between nation-states and tech firms. He also called for global regulation to prevent tech firms from developing uncontrollable systems that could ultimately result in the ‘elimination of the whole human race.’

What could be more terrifying than AI that develops consciousness and then goes bad? The death of mankind at the hands of AI has been depicted in a wide variety of media throughout the years. Even if it’s not the case now, it’s not impossible to imagine.