Adam Schiff Won’t Rule Out Going After Mike Pence

( Congressman Adam Schiff, that lying little snake from the January 6 select committee has been getting a lot of face-time on news shows lately where he is once again making the same kind of grand pronouncements and unsupported claims he enjoyed making during the RussiaGate hoax.

On Sunday, Schiff appeared on CNN’s State of the Union where he wouldn’t rule out the possibility that the select committee may subpoena Vice President Mike Pence to help them make the case against former President Donald Trump.

Schiff was doing his typical fan dance, teasingly dropping hints, but never revealing any specifics. He told host Dana Bash that the committee is “not taking anything off the table” when it comes to additional witnesses it might call.

He hinted that there are still some “high-profile people” that will be testifying, but he can’t tell Bash who they might be.

When Bash pressed him about the possibility Mike Pence will be among them, Schiff teased that it was “certainly a possibility” that Pence will be called, adding that at this point, “we’re not excluding anyone.”

Schiff also suggested dragging Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife Ginni before the committee to grill her about text messages she sent to then-White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows. He told Bash the committee wants to know what role Thomas played “in this plot to overturn the election.”