Actress Says She Joined A “Cult” To Jumpstart Her Hollywood Career

( Allison Mack, who was in “Smallville,” said she first joined the notorious adulterous slave cult NXIVM because she thought the group’s co-founder could help her get her career back on track.

Mack first made the comments in a 2017 interview with Vanessa Grigoriadis. On Monday, Grigoriadis and Gabriel Sherman discussed them in a podcast called “Infamous: Inside America’s Biggest Scandals.”

According to reports, Allison Mack said she moved to the NXIVM headquarters to fill an emptiness and find her soul. She explained that she had even asked Keith Raniere, who helped start the cult, if he could help her change her career.

Raniere, 62, and Nancy Salzman, 68, started NXIVM in 1998. At first, they said it was a self-help group, but things started to go wrong when former members said they were branded with Raniere’s initials and that younger women were forced to sleep with him.

In the 2017 interview, Mack denied all. She told Grigoriadis that she had never helped Raniere find new members and insisted that she was making the right decisions even though her friends had warned her that NXIVM was a cult. She said she wasn’t looking for young, beautiful women to be his slaves.  Mack said that people were making false accusations.

When her friends started worrying about her, Mack told them that she didn’t always trust her judgment, but she pushed back when she did. Her friends didn’t believe her. They called her sick and brainwashed.

Mack claimed that she would often wonder if she was crazy.  If she was one of those horrible people you read about who do bad things and think they’re doing them for a higher power.

In 2019, the actress pleaded guilty to charges that said she did help Raniere trick women into becoming his adulterous slaves. She was given a three-year prison sentence. Raniere got 120 years in prison in 2019 and lost his last appeal in early December.

If Mack had questioned her behavior that many times, she would have known she was wrong.